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Plastic Strapping
A - B100350
12mm x 3000m Clear Semi Auto Strapping
B - B100400
19mm x 300m Blue Builders Strapping
C - B100450
19mm x 1000m x 0.55mm Blue Strapping (BS 220kg)
D - B100500
19mm x 1000m x 0.85mm Black Heavy Duty Poly Strapping (BS 330kg)
E - B100550
19mm x 1000m Grey Heavy Duty Poly Strapping (BS 400kg)
F - B100750
19mm x 700m White Polywoven Strapping (BS 850kg)
Steel Strapping
G - A100200
19mm x 0.56mm Standard Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping
H - WB-HD-19
19mm Buckles – Heavy Duty (1000 per box)
I - B200100
19mm Seals – Extra Heavy Duty (1000 per box)
J - B200150
19mm Seals – Heavy Duty (1000 per box)
K - A300200
19mm PMSC Seals (1000 per box)
L - C3026
19mm Poly Strap Crimper
M - PT1090
19mm Heavy Duty Poly Strapping Tensioner
N - A200450
19mm Steel Strap Crimper
O - S4218
12mm – 19mm Heavy Duty Steel Strap Tensioner

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